SU Cricket records:

As part of the Club's Sesqui-centenary celebrations, the club has undertaken the painstaking process of digitising club records and documents from as early as 1878. 

The Club warmly thanks The Chancellor's Committee for the assistance and resources provided to us in this project. It is only through an invaluable Chancellor's Committee grant that this project was capable of coming to life. 

1876-79 to 1959-60:

1960-61 to 1968-69:

1969-70 to 1978-79

1979-80 to 1988-89:

1989-90 to 1998-99:

1999-2000 to 2008-09:

2009-10 to 2015-16:

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Available for purchase at our online store
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With 2014-15 representing the 150th Anniversary of cricket at Sydney University, Sydney Uni Cricket produced a book entitled "Golden Blues. Sydney University Cricket: 150 years of the club and its players", superbly written and compiled by club stalwarts and resident historians, Max Bonnell and James Rodgers. The book details some of the key moments, periods, matches and players of our rich 150-year history. 

Thanks go to The Chancellor's Committee for the assistance and resources provided to compile this wonderful snapshot of our history. Established in 1977, The Chancellor's Committee is a group of volunteers who raise money for projects of university-wide significance. Please click here to visit them.


11 October 1852: The inauguration ceremony of the University of Sydney.

 1-8 April 1854: The first recorded game featuring Sydney University (vs The Garrison at the Military and Civil Ground…now known as the Sydney Cricket Ground).

17 March 1858: The first recorded game at Sydney University Oval (University vs St Paul's)

 1864-65: SUCC revived and formally constituted.

 24-27 December 1870: The first Inter varsity match (vs Melbourne University at MCG).

 1871-72: SUCC wins the ‘Challenge Cup’ to become the premier Club in Sydney.

 March 1877: The first ever Test Match. Australia vs England at MCG. The Australian side includes University’s Tom Garrett, at 18 years, still the youngest Australian Test player.

 1882-85: SUCC is awarded the ‘Challenge Cup’ in perpetuity as the Premier Club in Sydney.

 1890: Sydney University Sports Union inaugurated.

 1893-94: The first season of ‘Electoral Cricket’, the forerunner of ‘Grade Cricket’. SUCC is the only ‘non-electoral’ club permitted to participate.

 1897-98: SUCC withdraws from the Competition.

 1898-1902: SUCC 1st XI participates in the 2nd Grade Competition and wins two premierships.

 1902-03: SUCC readmitted to 1st Grade.

1909-14: The ‘Golden Age’ when SUCC wins three 1st Grade premierships in five seasons and produces multiple first class representatives.

1914-19: SUCC’s ranks are decimated by the demands of Australia’s involvement in World War 1. Eleven SUCC players are killed.

1919-26: SUCC resumes its dominant position in Grade cricket.

1939-45: Australia is again at war and large numbers of students defer studies and join the armed forces. The Grade competition is suspended during the war years.

1956-57: 1st Grade contests the semi finals for the first time in over 30 years.

1960-66: 2nd Grade contests the finals in six successive seasons, winning three consecutive premierships.

1971-72: The beginning of a period of significant lower grades’ success. Between 1973 and 2000, SUCC wins 18 lower grade premierships.

1988-89: Alan Crompton becomes the first SUCC member to be elected as Chairman of the NSW Cricket Board. In 1992-93, he is elected as Chairman of the ACB.

1996-97: NSWCA’s strategic plan recommends that ‘SUCC should be repositioned in the Sydney Shires competition’ for 1997-98, a recommendation that was, in the same year, rescinded.

1997-98: SUCC fields a AW Green Shield (under 16) team for the first time. The beginning of a resurgence.

2000-01: SUCC wins the Club Championship for the first time.

2002-03: SUCC wins the 1st Grade premiership for the first time in 89 years.

2011-12: Ed Cowan becomes the first ‘home-grown’ SUCC player to represent Australia in Test cricket for nearly 90 years.

2002-15: SUCC wins three Club Championships, five 1st Grade premierships and six 2nd Grade Premierships (including four in succession).

2013-14: SUCC’s 150th season is marked by the Club Championship, the 1st Grade, 2nd Grade and 6th Grade premierships.

2016-17: SUCC claims the 1st Grade premiership, the fourth in seven seasons.