The Foundation has been providing substantial financial support to SUCC for over 25 years. This financial support has played a crucial role in Sydney Uni Cricket Club’s success on and off the field.

Our vision, however, is for the Foundation to do more than that. We see the Foundation as a vehicle through which the many people who want to support the are able to do so, whether that support is financial or in other forms.

Running the most iconic cricket club in Australia is a costly affair, and our Foundation members support is what continues to make us great by assisting us to provide the services that set us apart from the pack.

It helps the Club fund various upgrades to facilities and equipment, it supports arguably the best coaching program in Australian Premier Cricket, it allows the Club to provide invaluable support to our talented student cricketers through scholarships and it provides financial support for tours including Intervarsity matches, the National UniSport T20 Championship, country tours and international tours.

Every donation, great or small, makes a difference to our members.

To make a tax deductible donation to Sydney University Cricket Club, download the manual form or click here for our online credit card processing facility (and be sure to nominate “Cricket”).  We can now also accept donations by electronic transfer, by arrangement, so please contact us if this is your preferred method.

Please contact me (by filling out the form below) at any time if you would like to provide any support to the Foundation, or simply to find out more about what we do.

Phil Logan  


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