We’ve set our sights on the Club Championship in this season leading into our 150th. And now with only 3 rounds to go, the Club Championship is tantalizingly within reach…tantalizing: desirable but just out of reach, named after the Greek mythological figure, Tantalus, who was punished by being made to stand for eternity with fruit and water just out of reach!...

The coming round is against second placed Sutherland, 145 points behind us.

Veterans and Freshers dominated the last round against Nth District where 4 wins from 5 thumped NDs back to 5th place. Theo’s 146 was another sublime knock from ‘The Big Ship’ who has now scored a record 13 centuries in 2nds.  It’s hard to place Ben Joy in the veteran class but he’s been playing for us since 2007 and is in the form of his life.  And in 5ths, who have hung onto possible finals hopes valiantly all season, two players, products of the sometimes maligned GPS competition, played crucial roles in the team’s outstanding victory.  Joe Dorph and James Shepherd are players to watch.

I never thought I’d extol the virtues of Twitter but as I’m not around the grounds on Saturdays now that school has started again, I’m so grateful for the tweets that keep us up to date.  Keep them coming.

Meanwhile, it’s reassuring to see our players rewarded by representative selections.  Many congratulations to Nick Larkin ( his century vs NDs was decisive) and Nigel Cowell ( 40 wkts in 1sts this season); to Sean Abbott, Ryan Carters and Scott Henry; and to Jonti Pattison.
But for now, all eyes ahead for the Sutherland round.  The continuing story of the 1913-14 Premiership side will have to wait until next week.