Sydney Uni 9-289: H kerr 62, D Mortimer 55, S Hobson 44, L Neil-Smith 40*
UNSW 319: T Ley 4-50, B Joy 3-63, D Malone 2-95

Uni returned to Alan Davidson knowing they would be back in the field looking to wrap things up with UNSW on 7 – 286 overnight. Joy struck in the first over with a well-directed bumper to get the day off to the perfect start. The innings would eventually be wrapped up with the total on 319 (Ley and Malone grabbing the remaining wickets).

Needing 320 to win off 87 overs, the Students got off to a solid start through Hobson and Trevor-Jones. 0/50 at lunch meant the students had 67 overs to chase the 270 runs. Unfortunately Hobson would be run out after lunch, with both Trevor-Jones and Robertson following in quick succession. At 3/81 Uni looked to be in a precarious position. Once again, Hayden Kerr (62) would quickly change the momentum of the game with a coupling of towering 6’s. His partnership with Mortimer (55) leading into the tea break would put the students in a commanding position at 3- 150. Requiring a further 170 off 40 overs.

Unfortunately the constant loss of wickets after tea didn’t allow the Students to mount a real charge at the total. With 13 overs remaining, Uni had slumped to 9 – 248 still 72 to runs in arrears. Enter Ben Joy, who together with Lawrence Neil-Smith (40*) managed to negotiate the final 13 overs and earn Uni what could be a crucial point.

Nevertheless, a disappointing result which the Students will be looking to bounce back from this weekend.



Sydney Uni 289: D Mortimer 91, H Kerr 78, N Craze
Bankstown 250: T Ley 4-42, H Kerr 3-31, L Robertson 2-42

11 students, 1.5 Stumps, 5 white cricket balls and 1 catching mitt turned up to Bankstown Oval on Sunday keen on continuing the promising form shown in white ball cricket thus far. On the back of a Nicky Craze performance for the ages, the Batsmen won Nash and quickly went about setting the tone for the day. 

After winning the toss, the top order duo of Hayden Kerr and Steven Hobson settled into their work and got the students off to another flying start. At the 9 over mark Uni had reached 0-70 and looked to push further. When Hobson fell, Mortimer joined Kerr and together they pushed the total along nicely. Kerr passed 50 (eventually falling for 78) for the 7th time this season, in what was an unbelievable display of batting. No doubt a breakthrough season for the young man from Bowral.

The Uni middle order looked to accelerate the innings which was being brilliantly held together by Mortimer. He would eventually fall for 91 in what was an innings that highlights his class. He was ably supported by Nicky Craze who showcased his ability to score all around the ground mixing deft touch with brute force. A big last over by Trevor-Jones meant the Students had finished the innings with an imposing total of 289 on a wearing pitch.

Ley would once again lead the Uni attack. His tight opening spell with partner Lawrence Neil-Smith would ensure Bankstown were on the back foot early doors. After Ley had grabbed the initial breakthrough, Bankstown went about consolidating their innings. Just as they began to mount a charge Kerr was re-introduced and removed both set batsmen. From that moment the steady flow of wickets ensured that the total always looked slightly out of reach. Malone was back to his dazzling best through the middle part of the innings, allowing Uni to get through the overs quickly. One last partnership threatened to produce an exciting finish to the fixture, however Ley (4-42) returned to remove both set batsmen again in the space of 3 deliveries to all but end the charge. Kerr then returned to wrap up the innings and complete a man of the match performance finishing with 78 & 3-31.

Next stop. Old Kings. Would love to see the Uni faithful out and about.



Sydney Uni 10-173: T Kierath 37, E Arnott 30 & Syd Uni 10-131: J Hill 64
UNSW 10-130: J Craig-Dobson 5-30, D Holloway 3-28 & UNSW 7-123: K Tate 3-23, R Danne 2-21

A welcome site arriving at Uni 1 with Milo cricket in full flight. The change in nash venue didn’t help the youngsters cause, despite the self proclaimed Jack ‘Gerrrrrarrd’ Holloway shifting to the old side. As a nash player he makes a great commentator. Olds with yet another win.

JCD took off from where he left off last week 2 early nicks and the 10 point stretch target looked on. UNSW rallied to 7-114 at lunch scoring quickly by punishing the bad ball. Refreshed post the break D Holloway and JCD bowled well in tandem and cleaned up the tail. JCD the pick with 5. Hill and Holloway saw us get to the tea break with a 120 lead and 35 overs of play left. Instructions of ‘lets get 60-80 off 10’ was interpreted as ‘tee off from ball one’, so we were bowled out for 129 setting UNSW 175 off 21.

A bouncer frenzy followed – even JCD and Danne getting in on the act, but alas UNSW dug in for the last few overs finishing at 7-120. A good win effectively an old man down on Day 2, but plenty of room for improvement.



Sydney Uni 8-179: S Wood 82*, J Toyer 32
UNSW 178: J Touer 7-45, A Cowan 2-22

After many of the Units spent an emotional Friday afternoon celebrating the life of a great man that I was lucky enough to have met (as far as these things go, it was exceptionally well done), it was on to day 2 and the not insubstantial task of acquiring circa 140 with 6 wickets in hand. Given the nature of the afternoon and the state of the game certain members of the team decided to visit P. Epsi esq, however the group chat was strong, and the boys were certainly confident (some more than others) heading into the day. Toyer was somewhat circumspect “3s will need all the extra help we can get”, Wood on the other hand was belligerent “Speak for yourself Toyer, I’ll smoke us to a W”. Truer words never spoken, but more on that later.

At the ground relatively punctually the 10 of us (mattress being indisposed) set about a game of Nash the likes of which doesn’t really need explaining given the comprehensive dusting that young gave to Old. Your scribe may have found a second calling in goals, after being ineffectual (read horrific) up front for most of the year. Hayden Storey was exceptional once again, and Galvin put together some truly inspirational pieces of play to leave Old licking our wounds and Toyerbald absolutely seething, which in retrospect was exactly what was called for.

On the field the Bees were entitled to come out hard and feel that they had the ascendancy after week 1. The pressure was well and truly on the young pups out in the middle and this paid immediate dividends, with 4/40 overnight rapidly becoming 7/49. The erstwhile jovial mood among the Units was replaced with a sombre, shocked setting and alliteration aside the immediate goal was to stave off the follow-on and postpone any thoughts of victory.

Birthday boy Sam Wood however was of a different mind, and he strode out to join Josh Toyer to set about rectifying the situation. The game was tense, and the partnership started slowly as both gentlemen got themselves in and dealt with the pressure. One can only imagine the mid pitch chats, as the laconic Wood no doubt couldn’t get a word in edgewise as Toyer rattled off his intense update after each over (most of which isn’t suitable to be published in any forum). But whatever it was, it worked, and Big Wood and Big Toy looked more and more comfortable as the runs ticked over and the deficit got into 2 figures.

It should be worth noting that as a number 9 Wood hasn’t really had many chances to impress with the stick this year, and I am unsure if he has at any stage this season strapped on the pads in the nets. Toyer on the other hand is an intense trainer, and took up my prophetic words from last week and hit a thousand balls Thursday evening with Leggie and Whit. This Yin and Yang combination seemed to work perfectly, with the supremely self-confident Wood (excellent rig too, ladies I understand he is available) and the supremely intense Toyer (not available) forming a monumental partnership and as the tea interval arrived we dared to dream.

After sumptuous homemade sausage rolls it was back to business, and Toyer and Wood picked up where they left off, resuming their partnership and showing no signs of letting up. With the score at 170 unfortunately Toyer was dismissed, and the 8th wicket partnership of 121 (not a record, I checked) was ended. Toyer, as you could imagine was disappointed (well not so much disappointed as he was blinded with rage) but his job was done, and after 7 poles last week he had a phenomenal all-round game. Whit (after sitting with the pads on for 40 overs) came out and played 2 excellent shots for boundaries to secure the win. Pandemonium ensued, and your scribe promptly and somewhat unthoughtfully declared the match over, robbing Wood of a triple C, although as I understand it 82* still counts.

It certainly should, the innings was monumental and there have been a few great moments this year in the team but this one surely ranks right up there. If ever there was a case for dual men of the match this would be it, and Toyer gave Wood the rights to lead the song despite him justifiably earning the 3 points (Wood 2, your scribe lurking the remainder by virtue of entering the votes).

All in all, one of the best and most satisfying wins that I have been involved in, and a crucial result given our place in the 6. 5 wins and a washout out of our last 6 games and next week it is back to fortress Camperdown to take on the bulldogs, with a real chance to secure a top 3 spot and a home final.



Sydney Uni 8-247: B Frost 63, A Bell 56, H Farrow 31, R Browne 31*
UNSW 133: J Rinka 3-22, A Peek 3-29

Cahill park presented itself with a good batting deck and a quicker than usual outfield which was a positive as the fourth-grade side required 48 runs for a first innings victory. An energetic game of Nash, despite the warm conditions, went the way of the Julios winning 2-0.

Frost and Bell returned to the crease where they left off the week prior combining for a 74-run partnership before Bell was dismissed for a well-made 56. The scoring continued with Farrow now at the crease and Sydney Uni passed the first innings target of 134 quite comfortably. In order to optimise the chances at gaining 10 points the scoring rate increased but in doing so wickets started to fall more frequently with Frost and Farrow being dismissed for 63 and 31 respectively. Browne contributed with some lower order hitting, producing an unbeaten, run a ball 31 and a declaration was made at tea with Sydney Uni reaching a score of 8/247. UNSW having a player out injured meant that Sydney Uni only required 9 wickets to win outright with a lead of 114 and 45 overs left to play in the day.

Rinka was able to get the early breakthrough with the ball also giving Farrow his first dismissal as a wicketkeeper for Sydney Uni. Good batting conditions made it tough for the bowlers, and Bell was brought into the attack to try and break through the defence of UNSW. A mix up between batters gave Rinka a simple run out and Sydney Uni were given another glimpse of hope. An Introduction of Draca and Jamieson into the attack produced chances but were unable to produce a break through wicket. Farrow copped a ball to the thumb and was relieved of his keeping duties with Frost now in charge of the gloves.

Peek was brought back into the attack with a change of ends and found an edge as Browne completed the chest mark at first slip. A last roll of the dice as UNSW were solid in defence brought Frost’s offies into the game meaning another keeper change. This time it was Bell to keep wickets. UNSW on 3/102 and 17 overs remaining in the day the match was ended with Sydney Uni taking home an important 6 points considering how tight the lower top 6 of the ladder is and allowed us to move up to 5th with two games reaming before finals.



Sydney Uni 117: A Wilkinson 53 & Sydney Uni 2-120
UNSW 183: M Miles 3-19, A Kirubanandan 2-18



Sydney Uni 125: A Powys 69*, W Koehn 30, T Derrick 28
Penrith 9-279: P Adikarige 4-18, S De Silva 3-20, T Synnott 2-63