How could a partnership be any more relevant? STA Travel + Sports Alliance + Sydney Uni + Cricket Club = Amazing!
— Jeff King (STA Travel Sports Alliance)

STA Travel Sports Alliance joined the Sydney University Cricket Club portfolio of partners in 2015-16 by providing travel vouchers for all of our Player of the Round, and the overall Best & Fairest Player of the Year.

Like travel, sport changes lives.

It builds friendships, inspires others and creates those unforgettable moments that we're all about. For us, it's a game changer. This is the reason STA Travel Sports Alliance has decided to partner with Sydney Uni Cricket Club.

Through the STA Travel Sports Alliance, Sydney Uni Cricket Club will be rewarded with travel vouchers every time the Club or its members and supporters book travel. This includes flights, accommodation, tours, transfers and insurance.

Being the premier student and youth travel experts in Australia, STA Travel Sports Alliance partnering with the premier student cricketing organisation in Australia simply makes sense.
— Jeff King (STA Travel Sports Alliance)

To hep support Sydney Uni Cricket Club and get yourself a great deal in the process, visit STA Travel Sports Alliance to arrange your travel and accommodation needs now.