With the 2017 Red Bull Campus Cricket World Finals under a month away our squad head to Brisbane for a pre-season tour on Friday the 25th of August.  

The squad heads north for four games over the weekend; three Twenty-20 matches and one fifty over game.  Arriving Friday morning the squad shall play Toombul District Cricket Club in an afternoon T20 and then again on Saturday in a one day game.  The tour will then conclude with two Twenty-20 matches against Northern Suburbs Cricket Club on the Sunday. 

The squad is led  by Jack Holloway who said that they cannot wait to get in the middle for some well needed centre wicket practice before departing for Sri Lanka.  Holloway believes "quality match practice will leave us in good stead before taking on some of the best university cricketers from around the world." Vice-captain Joe Kershaw echoed Holloway's thoughts, stating "I am raring to go, we've been training for months and I just can't wait to get out on the field and start taking poles again"


1.     Jack Holloway (c)

2.     Joe Kershaw (vc)

3.     Charles Lichfield

4.     Devlin Malone

5.     Dugald Holloway

6.     Harry Gibson

7.     Hayden Kerr

8.     Henry Hunt 

9.     Kieran Elley

10.     Nicky Craze

11.     Sam Brandwood (Wk)

12.  Sam Wood

13.  Vince Umbers

14.  Will Lawrence