In a heroic effort, Sydney University has defied all odds to bat through more than 150 overs to deny Bankstown a victory, and in the process claimed the Belvidere Cup for the 9th time.

The stoic effort was centred around Ryan Carters who, having kept for the entire 121 overs of the Bankstown innings, then spent 431 balls and 526 minutes at the crease to ensure The Students held on for the unlikely draw after Bankstown set 6(dec)-441.


A strong 'army' of supporters were on hand to watch the thrilling final minutes of the vigil before the stoicism turned to elation for a group of men who have overcome every obstacle in their path this season.

A full report will follow in the next few days, but a summary of the match:

Bankstown 6 dec. for 441 runs from 121 overs:

  • J Burk 100*
  • P Wells 95
  • D Malone 2-99
  • B Joy 1-95 from 29 overs

Sydney Uni 7 for 341 runs from 151 overs

  • R Carters 110* (431 balls)
  • E Cowan 95 (100 balls)
  • T Rogers 56 (126 balls)
  • D Mortimer 33 (80 balls)
  • T Ley 31* (100 balls)

Ryan Carters was unsurprisingly awarded the Benaud Medal for player of the Grand Final.

The Club congratulates all players involved throughout the season, and thank the coaching staff, supporters and sponsors for their efforts throughout the season.