Bzzz-bzzz-bzzz!!! The 6:00am alarm sounds.

It is May, and the EAP pre-season has begun, denoting 3 months of hard work and commitment to hopefully develop as a player, but more importantly, sort out this off-season rig before beach season.

Under the guidance of our newly appointed S&C guru, Dave Dwyer, the boys are put through their paces with two strength, and two cardio sessions each week, with an increasing number of skill sessions thrown into the mix.

This season sees the adoption of the “Fit in or F$*# off” mantra, a locked door and 3 strike policy applies to those who fail to arrive on time. One Nicky Craze may have failed to receive this memo - currently sitting on 15 strikes.

As bland as this routine may appear, our gym sessions definitely aren’t without antics and quirks which all contribute to what is a rewarding, yet entertaining “off-season”.

Morning sessions often begin with Dave hawk-eyeing the clock as the Holloway brothers somehow manage to rock up with 30 seconds to spare before the lock out at 6:59am.

Shortly following a quick warm up, the nominated DJ will step up to the plate and throw-down 1-hour of their best material. Mr Worldwide, Charles Litchfield, lived up to the nickname to take the crown early in the year. The 'Big dog’s' in Milf, Crowls, and BTJ battle it out for the title of 'Alpha' as they take each other on set for set at the squat rack, whilst Tatey and Jono Craig-Dobson dispute the title of “club strongman"* *note this is purely self-proclaimed. Top gun, Dugald, puts in the hard yards as he comes to the halfway point of his #5yearplan, and the “Pauls/Wesley/Drews cliques” do their best to keep the aftermath of a big Wednesday night under the radar. With the session wrapping up, the boys drag Litchfield off the bench press, with a follow-up big stint at Ralph’s awaiting, this also happens to be Joe Kershaw’s sole motivation for turning up.

Despite the morning antics, the EAP program has been completely rewarding for everyone in the squad, with every member seeing increases in strength and cardiovascular endurance. The results speak for themselves and are a testament to the hard work and dedication put in by Dave, Gary, and the rest of the staff involved.

 Onwards and upwards and here’s to a big year ahead.