To begin with a massive understatement, it wasn't the ideal start to the season!

But, it's happened and it's what happens next that counts.

Let's regroup with renewed energy and make up for it next round against Easts.

Let's also concentrate on some significant positives

1.   A couple of stirring revivals:

  • 2nds were 3-31 and recovered to 262
  • 4ths were 5-43 and made 168

2.   'Jum' Larkin made an even 100 as 3rds fell only 17 short of a formidable 300+ target.

3.   The individual highlights of the round were undoubtedly two debut centuries. Firstly  Ben Trevor-Jones' 115 off 182 balls in 2nds. From the time he walked in at 3-31, he looked mature, disciplined and measured as he was urged on by his excited College mates on the hill. This century puts him in distinguished company. He's only the tenth to score 100 on debut for the Club. The others? Some of them long forgotten but they are listed below. My hunch is that we'll see more of Ben Trevor-Jones in higher company.

Secondly, on day 2, Englishman, Matt Lowen in his first game for the Club saw 6ths to victory with a stirring 125. His partnership of 99 for the 8th wicket with captain Harris De Krester was decisive.

100 on debut for SUCC:

  • Johnnie Taylor
  • Herbert Single
  • Brendan Hill
  • Dave Townsend
  • Daniel Baffsky
  • Mark Hackett
  • Henry Clark
  • Warwick Capps
  • Steve Hobson

And now Ben and Matt add their names to a pretty exclusive list.

One last reminder:
See you at the SCG on Saturday 18 October for the Club's 150th birthday dinner. Get there after the games against Easts that day and celebrate our first 150 years on the ground where we played our very first match! If you haven't got your ticket yet, please get in touch with Dale quickly.

James Rodgers