Sydney University Cricket Club is proud to announce the Green Shield Squad for the 2014/15 season.

The squad is:

  • Anthony Johnston (c)
  • Doug Rogers
  • Aravinth Kushelakumaran
  • Mitchell Blows
  • Lawrence Nield-Smith (vc)
  • Lachlan Carfax
  • Nick Arnold
  • Max Veltro
  • Hugh Kermond
  • Kobe Carroll
  • Dominic Tate
  • Ben Lathan
  • Eion Liehr
  • Ryan Wu
  • James Haldane
  • Ollie Moss

The following players have been selected to be a part of the Supplementary Development Squad:

  • Ashaka Kushelakumaran
  • Harley Wijeyaratne
  • Ewan Rogers
  • Hamish Rogers
  • Jarrod Burns

Training for these squads will commence on Tuesday 23rd September at Uni No. 2 Oval from 5:30pm.