What a memorable night!

We celebrated our three premierships and the club championship in style

We celebrated our individual award winners with ceremony

We were honoured to have Judy, Catherine and Jenny O'Sullivan with us on such an emotional occasion. 

We forged even stronger links with our 150 year old history.  

Kendal Binns, so sprightly at 91 that he could still seemingly bowl a few overs, 73 years after first playing 1st Grade. He was around when the Club turned 75. 

Some of the older former players played in 1964 when we were 100,

Others remembered well the 125 anniversary when Andrew Bell told his Sobers story. 

It occurred to me during the evening that those young men sitting at the Green Shield table will be, in all likelihood, present when we turn 200 in 2064! And one of them may well be leading the Club in that year. 

Enticing thoughts!

Our eternally grateful thanks to those who put the unforgettable night together: Adam Spencer, Phil Logan, Keith Pitty, Dave Miller, Nick Larkin, Dave Stanton, Alex Clark, Surjit and his crew. 

And, standing above all, Geoff Pike deserves every accolade. 

We'll remember this for another 50 years! 


James Rodgers 

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