On Saturday, 1sts, 2nds and 4ths play 120 over fixtures commencing at 9:30am while 3rds and 5ths play one day fixtures starting at 10am. 

Sunday is an even bigger day for the club with a replay of the washed out 1st grade limited overs Final to start on no1 at 10am and the annual fixture for the SUCC Foundation to be played on no2 starting at 12:30pm. 

Spectators will need to choose on Sunday between watching 1sts - Mail, Henry, Abbott, Carters, Larkin, Cowell et al, or the Foundation - Burgess, Sanders, Draper, King, Rodgers, Bonnell, Ward, Bragg, Burke, Harrington, Gray, Quilter and co. 

We hope to see plenty of SUCC supporters down at Uni over the weekend.