How did we get this far?

1st, 2nd and 6th Grades all play for Premierships this weekend.

Many deserve plaudits for getting us into this enviable position of strength.

But this week, let’s spare a moment of gratitude for:



It’s a sign that things are going well for a team when the tail bats with pride and character and steely resolve. And so it was in 1st Grade on Saturday. Will Somerville and Nigel Cowell took us from a teetering 9-101 to 179 in an inspirational last wicket stand of 96 minutes’ worth of studious defence and selective shots. This contributed decisively to our win.

And, in 2nds, Tom Kierath, Josh Toyer and Ben Joy combined to push us over 250. The innings lasted another two hours from the time TK came in at 7 for 182.

And, in 3rds, Kerrod McPherson and Lewis McMahon added 26 for the last wicket.

This was character, resilience, belief!



John Kilford, Les Carrington and Alex Clark all live and breathe every ball and they have been an intricate part of 1sts, 2nds and 3rds many triumphs this season, as much as anyone on the field.



Ray and his men performed miracles on the weekend after a week of rain. Both no 1 and no 2 looked magnificent. The pitches were amazingly true and consistent. It was the men’s pride in their work and in the presentation of the University grounds that drew much deserved praise.




Let’s get along in force to the 1st, 2nd and 6th Grade Finals this weekend


Book your place for 12 April. We’ll have big things to celebrate.