A gripping weekend of finals cricket.

Victory by a slender margin in 3rds…who were captained by Henry Clark with a great deal of maturity and level headedness and invaluable runs and wickets.

An astounding 8 for 513 in 2nds.

A tension-filled 1st Grade game that ultimately ended in disappointment but we are still alive in the semis this weekend.

A tight 6th Grade game that also didn’t go our way.

Heroic individual performances:

Nick Larkin’s elegant century in 1sts.

Suda’s crucial 93 in the 2nd innings in 3rds.

Chris de Krester’s 3 wickets in his first semi final in 6ths.

But all else and everyone else is overshadowed by Jack Hill’s epic innings in 2nds. Ten hours of intense concentration; 493 balls of sturdy defence and exhilarating attack. To put it in historical context, his 200 not out is the Club’s 20th double century since the first in 1888 by the venerable Tom Garrett. Very few in the Club’s history have batted for 10 hours in an innings…perhaps only Ben Larkin in last season’s 2nds final?


So, where were the crowds? There were many more Bankstown supporters at 1st Grade on both days.


Get there this weekend! Don’t miss history being made!

And make sure you’ve booked for 12 April.