This is your invitation to the exclusive and highly coveted SUCC Open Championship, a golfing tournament to determine the champion golfer and champion team of golfers in the SUCC community. 
It is without doubt that hearts will be broken in the quest for glory. Do not be deterred. One must keep the words of the games forebears at the front of mind. Faced with the prospect of agonising defeat, Tom Watson would say “a lot of guys who have never choked have never been in a position to do so”. Greg Norman would say “I am a winner. I just did not win today”.
However, for the golfers who can surmount the fear and doubt, occasional duck hooks, slices, donations of Titleists to Mother Nature and nerve-jangling, curving, down-hill two-footers, success and all of its trappings could be immense. Cue a double fist-pumping Adam Scott, screaming “C’’mon Aussie” on 18 at Augusta. Cue Henrik Stenson’s private banker after the 2013 Race to Dubai and Fedex Cup double. Cue the Golden Bear and his 18 majors. Cue Tiger and his many various conquests. The list goes on.
Who will it be?
SUCC director, David Butchart, is our resident member the Royal Sydney A-grade pennants team, but can he play when the field is open to the common man?
First-grade allrounder, Liam Robertson, is a ball striker at cricket or golf, but can the Red Fox couple control with power?
Greg Mail is a sporting talent to behold but insiders say his penchant for centuries is not limited to cricket.
SUCC Director of Cricket, Gary Whittaker, has tasted success in this event before. Wise judges have said that it is his ability to ‘win ugly’ that gives him an edge, especially in the wind at St Mick’s.
Club legend, Adam Theobald, is shot-maker in the Ballesteros mould but can the man known for beating the cue display enough patience to prevail?
Fresh back to the fold, Josh Ryan resembles John Daly and finds many challenges “too eaaasssy”.
The humble accountants, Ash Cowan, Ben Joy, Nick Larkin and Will Sommerville will no doubt be packing generous handicaps and they are known for their strong work with a pencil, especially on a count-back.
An unknown?
An outsider?
Get involved.
Glory awaits.


Mark Faraday

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