Today we stand united in grief, in tragedy and in respect as a Club.

Today we stand with our hearts open, with our hands outstretched, reaching out to all those who have been affected by the tragedy of Phillip Hughes’ death.

We especially express our deepest sympathy to all Phillip’s  family and friends; to all his teammates, those who played with him and against him, on a day when all distinctions of Club and State and Country are unimportant.

We also reach out to all those in our own Club who shared the fields with him, especially to Sean Abbott and his family.

.“The life and death of each of us has its influence on others.”

As previously notified, professional counselling and support are available. You are never alone. All you have to do is contact Dale Bryant for details: dale@sydneyuniversitycricket.com.au.

On Sunday, our Poidevin Gray side will play Parramatta at University no 1 Oval. I am proposing that we gather at lunch time or at any other part of the day. We’ll gain strength from being with each other and in supporting some of our younger players who will be on the field.


                                                      With every consolation,


                                                          JAMES RODGERS