I remember reading a line from the French philosopher Albert Camus when I was studying something or other many years ago:
     ‘In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was…an invincible summer.’
We’re in a golden era for the Club so each season now feels like an invincible summer. But to appreciate and savour these times, we need to know about some of the times when it’s felt like the depth of winter.

Just two thoughts for this week:

Firstly, after it felt like winter during the bleak first round this season, the success over the past two weekends has been inspirational. Four Grade wins from five (and a valiant revival in 3rd Grade that almost turned the tables); four emphatic victories in the 1st Grade T20 (What caught my eye on Sunday at Uni no1 was our stunning fielding and mature ‘game awareness’ on the field, especially from some of the youngest. Outstanding!).  I’ll let the match reports mention individual performances.

Secondly, Saturday night at the SCG….our Sesqui centenary celebration. This was the Club at its best. We’ve been through some summers that felt like the depth of winters but on Saturday  links were made to our treasured past through our triumphant present, looking to our even brighter future. With all due respect to everyone and everything else that happened, the emotional highlight of the night was the Club song being belted out for the very first time at the SCG where it all began (read the History!).

Thank yous are quite inadequate for the tireless work done by Dale and Geoff Pike in preparation and on the night. But they deserve all our undying gratitude and all the accolades.

Dale and Geoff, you ensured that this was a triumph.

James Rodgers.