1st Grade

Round: 10

Toss: Sydney University elected to Field

Result: Sydney University won by 4 wickets

Game scores: Uni 6/171 def Hawkesbury 170

Notables: Carters 42, Faraday 38*, Cowell 4/37

REPORT: The students arrived for the match against the Hawks with a full strength side, with Ryan Carters and Sean Abbott back from Big Bash duties. Everyone was looking forward to the match, in particular looking forward to the fact that it would be played in 31 degree heat at Uni no. 1, rather than 41 degree heat at Bensons Lane. Greg Mail won the toss (again) and the visitors were asked to make first use of a hard, well grassed pitch. 

Disciplined bowling, led by Nigel Cowell (4-37) and some ill-discliplined batting had the Hawks reeling at 6-86, before some much needed lower order resistance scratched together a competitive total of 170. Sean Abbott finished with 3-23 in his first bowl back from a side injury. We went to the lunch break knowing the game was ours to lose, but mindful of an experienced seam attack. 

Carters (42) and Abbott (32) both got starts and got the students within sight of the target. Despite losing a couple of quick wickets, Mark Faraday (38*) and Dave Miller calmly took us across the line for another six points and a likey spot in the one day final series. A more difficult assignment awaits next week against our old mates from Manly.


Second Grade

Round: 10

Toss: Sydney University

Result: Sydney University won (with 1 bonus point)

Game scores: Uni 6/305 def Hawesbury 147

Notables: Theobald 120, Hay 60, Darius 4/44

REPORT: Round 10 arrived and saw the departure of 2's from the shores of Sydney Uni as we set out to explore what many would deem the very end our known little blue planet…….Hawkesbury.

Still being fairly new to the Grade Cricket World, I often set out for a ground, not knowing where it is, or what it even looks like.; and after much inquisition from various players, I was fully expecting to see the Orcs of Mordor marching up that long single road that seemingly lead into the depths of the unknown.

However, after a good hour of road travel, where the city like features disappeared into the background and the ever growing environment that consisted of……well….. nothing; became ever more distinct; it was evident that the only Lord of the Rings Characters present in these parts of the world were our very own Tommy "Smeagol" Kierath, and Will  "Billy" "Troll Doll" Hay; as we were greeted by open green fields, many a party of the residential flies and the occasional waft of fertiliser manure that singed the Nostrils.

The usual morning antics of Nash were mixed up a bit this week, with a clash of the generations, as the old took on the new; and to put it quite simply; dominated. It was a very poor showing from the youngsters, as we were completely outclassed, out witted  and "out-experienced" by a unit that was collectively, as Will Hey pointed out, "older by a Steve Hobson Lifetime of 65 years"

It was time to toss, and once again Tom "Smeagol" Kierath continued his fine form by working his magic with the "precious" coin, winning the toss and choosing to bat first.

It was a slow, subdued start for the students, going at only 3 an over for the first 10 overs on what seemed to be a very slow, dead wicket. However after 10 overs in the ever increasing heat of the day, their bowlers started to tire, providing a couple of loose deliveries that Billy and Ship were more than happy to feed on. The pair  put on a sensational stand of just under 100 that consisted of many large turning circles, big cracking shots to the boundary and very audible gasps for air between overs as the heat set in. It was Billy who would be removed from the crease first for a very well played 60 that was, bizarrely, not given a standing ovation off the field; much to Billy's horror.

However, as one big unit left the field, the other stepped up to take centre stage. It certainly does seem to be the month of the bald men, as Adam Theo"bald" produced a remarkable 120 just after his South African Bald companion smashed an unbeaten century just one week prior. If indeed this pattern of destiny is in full flow, it will most certainly be the turn of Josh "going bald" Toyer's (who was mistaken for the Steve "Cone Head" Hobson by our captain, to which he responded with the characteristic angry response of a middle finger) turn next week against Manly.

The Big Ship steadily steered the units towards a remarkable total of 305 in a knock that showed off his experience in more ways than one, as it produced one of the most extraordinary scenes on a cricket field I have ever witnessed. On 99, the Big Ship suffered an engine meltdown that resulted in the big fella on all fours, cap off, tongue out, head down, and as his ever growing bald spot glistening in the sunlight. After a single solitary hand gesture form the man suggesting that we should probably help him out, a couple of the guys ran out to, what now seemingly looked like his sprawled out corpse, equipped with Ice, plenty of fluids and a towel. It then became evident to us that we were missing just one piece of equipment that would truly convert us into Ship's personal slaves; a gigantic palm leaf to fan him down in all his glory, as it was demanded that two of us convert the towel into a tent and keep it over his head at all costs; whilst the others applied ice and poured cool water over him at his every beck and call. All that was missing was the beach,  a crystal clear ocean and a couple of beautiful women feeding the newly converted Sheik various exotic tropical fruits.

After about 10-15 minutes of these extraordinary scenes, Ship left the comfort of his Oasis, dismissed us off the field, and continued to produce a spell of some of the cleanest hitting we have seen; before calling the keeper up to the stumps, promptly walking past one when he had had enough of it all, and retired to his thrown that consisted of a chair strategically placed in the shower.

All Jokes aside though; it was a superb effort from the man and a great knock that I'm sure we will remember for some time to come.

After a great injection of intensity at the end of our allotted 50 overs by TK and the newest addition to our 2nd grade outfit, Henry "T-Rex" "I jump off the wrong foot" "Wrongsy" Clark; it was time for the units to take to the field and embrace the now rather pungent aroma of manure as it started to migrate in abundance from the nearby fields.

 To be fair to our 2nd grade attack, it was not our best effort with the ball, as we struggled to hit our lines and lengths consistently. Never the less, we did bowl well in patches, and took most of our chances when they came our way. D Funk was the stand out bowler taking 4 poles, whilst the T-Rex continued to surprise the opposition with his Wrong footed antics taking 2/18 and TK, after a tight first spell ,snuck in to clean up the left overs (as usual) at the end with 2/15. It took just 39.2 overs to dismiss the Hawks for 147 and wrap up proceedings with a 158 run victory and a Bonus point.

After a good fines session whilst watching 4's chase down 200 odd, and a sweltering day that produced some great cricket and even more extraordinary moments, it was time to set our compass for home and start the long journey back from the edge of the known world, as we prepare to welcome our good mates from Manly this coming weekend.