We are still leading the Club Championship. We've played really well but it's a measure of the high standards we set for ourselves that we know we've got a lot in reserve. And we've got  another challenging round against Gordon this weekend.
As I wandered between 2nds and 4ths last Saturday, I saw some of the future of the Club from our impressive young players. In 2nds, Jack Hill top scored on a slow wicket; Jimmy Ryan showed admirable ability to bowl straight and Alex Shaw took 5 dismissals behind the sumps ( his father was also a pretty good keeper in 1st Grade in the 1980s/1990s).
I got an even closer look at the 4th Graders when I sub fielded...well, actually, I just stood statuesque at 1st slip. Kieran Tate looks promising as he moves the ball late and Ryan Kertz bowls his leg spinners with a purpose as he used the breeze and his prodigious turn to snare 2 wickets.
Next season, we turn 150 and young players such as these, and the boys who take the field this week in Green Shield and Poidevin Gray, will ensure golden years as we move into the next decade of our existence.
Get down to Uni 1 and 2 on Sunday to see the under 16s and the under 21s take on St George and help us celebrate the first O'Sullivan/O'Keeffe trophy game on No 1.

James Rodgers