As we approach a tough second week against Fairfield-Liverpool we have some updates on the social side of things. 

Firstly, if you're around at training tonight we would encourage everyone to help us get the covers on. The later we put the covers on, the more time the pitch has to soak up sunny rays. So lets make an effort to do this as a club, and we'll see the benefits on Saturday. We can relax with a refreshing beverage and meal at the Nags after!

Christmas Party

We have decided on a venue for our Christmas Party on the 21st December. We'll all be meeting back at University No.1. Here's what can be expected from the night:

- Access to The Grandstand's Beer Garden
- A Marquee on No.1 Oval
- Quality food provided by the Players Commitee
- Alcohol and Soft Drinks 
- Projector with the Big Bash local derby between the Sixers and the Thunder. Two of our very own, Sean Abbott and Ryan Carters, are named in their respective squads. 

Also, the following day will mark an important fixture in our calendar. On Sunday 22nd December the Sydney University and St George PG sides will do battle for the O'Keefe and O'Sullivan trophy. Let's try and make it down to support our young lads in this match.

I.V. Tour Matches 

We have recently been in contact with Melbourne University organising an inter varsity fixture for the first week of February 2014. This is just some food for thought for those who might be interested in the trip across the border. If you have any queries about what these tours contain a lot of the seasoned players can fill you in with some stories back at the Nags. Overall, they are a great way to develop friendships at the club and sort out some rivalries on and off the field.

Additionally, the IV Challenge against Adelaide University will be played on Uni No.1 over 3 days (30th & 31st Dec 2013 rest day on the 1st  and final day 2nd Jan 2014) please let Gary know asap if you are available for this fixture.