Many congratulations to all on the results in Round 2.  In particular, I’m impressed with the lower grades where each of 3rds and 5ths with many younger players have now tasted success (and, I hope, have rung out the Club song with gusto) twice in two games.  Eight from ten is very satisfying and it has obvious special significance in our 150th year.  When things get tough, look at your playing shirt with ‘MOS’ on it and fight extra hard!

I saw the PGs yesterday as they tried valiantly to defend 124 but ran into a hurricane in the shape of an English under 19 player who belted 60 in Sydney’s reply.

A thought:  PGs could do with lots more support.  Their next game is next Sunday (20/20 vs Wests at Pratten Park).  How about at least 3 from each Grade there to urge them on?  How about a dozen or so of our former players from the 1980s?  Or, for that matter from the 70s (when I played 3 seasons of PGs without winning a game!)?

You all do remember where Pratten Park is?


Every best wish for another successful Grade round against Blacktown this week.

James Rodgers