On Saturday night, Devlin Malone was awarded a University Blue for his performances in the last twelve months.  Devlin became the club's first Blue since 2012 (when both Nick Larkin and James Crowley received recognition).

Ryan McElduff reached his highest score for the club when he hit 89 against the strong Sydney attack in Second Grade on Saturday.

Rain cut short the Fourth Grade match against Sydney on Saturday with University looking strong, but not before Jono Phoebus collected his first Fourth Grade wicket.

Fifth Grade's impressive win over Sydney owed most to a superb spell from Shivansh Pathak, who took three wickets for five runs on the second day, completing his first five-wicket haul for the club (5-17).  Ashwin Kirubanandan bowled well in support, taking his first wickets in Fifth Grade (2-20).

In the Metropolitan Cup match with George's River, Rakin Rahman was dismissed "hit the ball twice".  We can find no record of any previous Sydney University batsman ever being dismissed this way in the club's history.